Dark Spots On Skin - Causes, Prevention & Remedies

Dark Spots On Skin - Causes, Prevention & Remedies

If your pretty face is being engulfed with the aid of dark spots. You are not alone! Hyperpigmentation is typically the cause of dark spots.

Sometimes, the body tends to overproduce melanin (the pigment that gives your skin, eyes, and hair their colour) in some areas. The greater the melanin, the darker the coloration.

Fortunately, dark spots tend to fade away with time if you make the right analysis of your skin and take the important steps. Home remedies, over-the-counter products and dermatological solutions can help lessen dark spots faster.

What Causes Dark Spots?

Sun Exposure

The most common cause is direct exposure to the UV rays.


Melasma and other skin conditions can also cause dark spots. This causes discoloration in small areas of the body and is more prevalent in women. It is usually observed during pregnancy.


As we get older, the thickness of our skin starts reducing naturally, and our skin starts losing collagen and elasticity, making it more likely to develop sun spots and hyperpigmentation.


Hyperpigmentation pimples are different from other kinds of acne and lesions. Instead of leaving behind scars such as icepick, boxcar or rolling scars, hyperpigmentation acne leads to brown scarring which appears as dark spots. While some of this scarring remains in the dermis, other forms of scarring might go into the deeper layers of the skin and become permanent. Prolonged sun exposure and UV radiation can aggravate the intensity of such spots.


Sometimes, a darkish spot may be left behind after a pimple/acne outbreak. This usually fades away with time. People with lighter pores and skin tones generally tend to have red/purple spots. Those with a darker complexion typically have brown spots.

Skin Products

One must always be cautious about what they use on their skin. Some products may cause irritation and leave a dark patch behind.

Symptoms of Dark Spots

The colour of a dark spot is typically determined by your skin tone. They are light to dark brown in colour. They have the same texture as your skin and are not painful.

Dark spots typically appear in areas of your body that are frequently exposed to the sun. Your face, arms, neck, and back are all included.

How To Prevent Dark Spots?

The effort to conceal your face spots with makeup can be tedious. To avoid developing dark spots on your face, simply keep the following preventative measures in mind. 

  • Wear Sunscreen
  • Use vitamin C serum
  • Cover yourself properly
  • Quit smoking
  • Eat healthy

PureWins Products For Dark Spots

PureWins (AM-PM) Face Serum

PureWins natural serums are formulated with active ingredients that are derived from cellular extracts of plants. PureWins Clarifying Brightening Face Serum (AM) has tea tree oil which helps in preventing acne pimples, and PureWins Firm-Illuminate Face Serum (PM) has retinol & hyaluronic acid which help lighten the mark. This duo work together to achieve a smoother, firmer and clearer skin. 

Retinol promotes old skin cells to turn over. They make way for new skin cells to form, this helps reduce the appearance of dark spots. 

The potent and non-greasy retinol-hyaluronic formula to repair and address signs of making skin appear clearer, tighter, and overall improve skin texture.

PureWins Clarifying Brightening Face Toner

PureWins face toner is 100% natural and organic certified. They are prepared by the method of steam distillation. Our face toner clinically proves to brighten the natural tone of your skin. It also provides anti-ageing benefits to mature skin.

PureWins Moisturising Face Oil

PureWins Mukh Amritam Face Oil has kumkumadi herbs and mandarin essential oil which helps in skin brightening and moisturizing oil that enhance your skin tone and impart glow. It absorbs quickly on skin and reduces pigmentation and dark spots.

Dark spots are irritating and can make you feel a little self-conscious. But, with easy PureWins products and preventive tips, fight dark spots and get back the flawless skin that you always desired! Just make sure to be consistent in the routine to achieve the desired results.


Q. Are hormonal changes a common cause of dark spots?

Yes, hormonal changes, such as pregnancy or the use of hormonal medications, can lead to an increase in melanin production and the development of dark spots.

Q. Can genetics play a role in the development of dark spots?

Yes, genetics can make some individuals more prone to developing dark spots, particularly if their family members have a history of hyperpigmentation.

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