Best Selling Skincare Products 2023

Best Selling Skincare Products 2023

2023 is in full swing, and while we’ll still need to face various changes and challenges this year, one thing remains the same-our love for skincare products. Whether you’re looking to try out something new or trying to find your old favorite products, we’ve compiled a list of the top-selling skin-care buys that we loved this year. From moisturizers and serums to skincare, these are the bestsellers that have kept us glowing all year long. 

PureWins - a name that has taken over the natural beauty space in India like wildfire. Their range of skincare products is based on natural Indian ingredients and seems to work in the best possible way for Indian skin. Additionally, their products are available at very reasonable prices. These qualities of the brand have made it one of the most common household names when it comes to skincare and hair care. The brand claims its formulas to be free of harmful toxins, dyes, and fragrances, which makes them allergy-free and safe to use. PureWins products are also eco-friendly. 

PureWins offers a range of skincare, haircare, face care, and body care. While we adore their wide range of offerings, our topic of interest right now is top selling skincare. Today, you will get to know the top 7 skincare picks from PureWins that have been tried, tested, and loved across the beauty community. So if you’re thinking of making some very budget-bound skin investments, or trying the brand out for the first time, here are these!

PureWins (AM) Clarifying Brightening Face Serum

If you’re someone who is struggling with acne and pimples, this face (Am) face serum is the best pick for you. It is a super non-greasy & non-sticky skin strengthening formula for a youthful glowing skin. 

It is formulated with the goodness of natural anti-acne ingredients like turmeric and tea tree oil which further keep acne or pimple flare-ups at bay. 

Its antibacterial properties protect the skin, while its super nourishing formula leaves the skin oil-free and fresh. It  helps in improving the skin tone & reduces spots, scars and blemishes.

PureWins Super Herbs Face Wash

PureWins face cleanser is the secret to achieving flawless skin. This facial cleanser/face wash thoroughly removes dead skin cells and toxins to unclog your pores. It also helps in removing makeup without stripping away the skin’s natural oils and moisture. 

It is formulated with goodness of kumkumadi herbs, and sandalwood powder which adds natural radiance and glow to the skin. 

This face wash is gentle and an exceptional alternative to the harsh sulphate-based cleansers. It is specially formulated for dry, combination and oily skin. It leaves your skin glowing and balanced after each use, and doesn't dry out or irritate it.

Clarifying & Hydrating Face Toner

PureWins face toner is the lightweight, non-greasy skin balancing toner. This face toner is steam distilled from rose petals, peppermint, and sweet lime. The toner is extremely light on the skin. It clearly hydrates your skin while leaving behind an exceptional lingering fragrance.

It is formulated with the goodness of rose petals, peppermint, sweet lime and hyaluronic acid which boost skin health with better moisture retention, calm & soothing  skin, delayed ageing and minimized skin discoloration.

Every spritz of this toner is moisturizing, cooling, and soothing. It ensures to deeply hydrate and tone your skin and prepare it for a nourishing skincare routine.

PureWins Perfect Balancing Hair Shampoo

PureWins perfect balancing hair shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp making hair softer, shiner, smoother and more manageable. It is free of toxins and safe to use on people with coloured or chemically treated hair. 

It is formulated with the goodness of cold-pressed coconut oil, reetha, and amla. It is a perfect blend of natural ingredients which provides mild yet effective cleansing without drying the hair. 

It also protects your hair from breaking as it strengthens the hair follicles.


PureWins (PM) Firm-Illuminate Face Serum

PureWins (PM) face serum is loaded with antioxidant, healing, and moisturizing properties. It’s potent non-greasy formula repair and addresses signs of ageing making skin appear clearer, tighter, hydrated and more plumper.

It is formulated with goodness of bakuchi oil, gotu kola oil, jojoba oil, retinol, and hyaluronic acid that works together to achieve a smoother, firmer and hydrated skin. 

This lightweight moisturizer gets absorbed easily. It penetrates deep into the skin to provide essential nourishment, restore elasticity and firmness, and provide moisture to the skin.

PureWins Mukh Amritam Face Oil

If you're someone who is struggling with dry skin and even oily skin, this face oil is the best pick for you. It maintains and balances the sebum production and keeps your skin hydrated with the aid of locking in moisture. 

It is formulated with kumkumadi oil and mandarin orange essential oil, a unique combination of herbs infused in oil to create a miraculous elixir for skin to treat multiple skin problems. Its high performance quick absorption of kumkumadi oil for a healthy, even toned, radiant glowing skin is exceptional to count on this product.

It also acts as an anti-aging serum. This product will assist, restore your skin’s natural glow and maintain hydration and moisturization. It has a non-greasy texture for easy application and is loaded with antioxidants, minerals, and fatty acids to heal and restore your skin.

PureWins Ultra Revitalising Body Lotion

PureWins body lotion/moisturizer keeps the skin nourished and hydrated at all times. This skincare product treats troubles like sunburn, dryness, roughness etc. This body lotion is lightweight, non-greasy which helps in restoring long-lasting hydration and moisturisation. 

It is formulated with goodness of shea butter, jojoba oil, ceramide, niacinamide and vitamin E protects it from any harmful UV rays and environmental damage, and makes your skin supple and soft.  

The duo ingredients work in boosting the immunity of the skin surface and improving the texture, look and appearance. 


PureWins essential products are all about luxury and using rich plant ingredients in their purest forms. This brand is loaded with natural and organic ingredients that are skin-friendly. PureWins best selling skincare products listed above are chemical-free, natural, organic, and cruelty-free. If you have always been curious about this luxury skincare brand, then you might as well splurge a little to pamper yourself. Grab some of the PureWins products listed above and indulge yourself in the goodness of this luxurious skincare brand!


Q. What is the most widely used toner in the market?

The most popular toner is Clarifying & Hydrating Face Toner, which is known for its natural ingredients and ability to balance the pH levels & hydrate the skin.

Q. What is the best-selling face serum?

The best-selling face serum is Clarifying Brightening Face Serum and Firm-Illuminate Face Serum, which is praised for their extensive repair qualities, which reduce indications of aging and improve skin texture.

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