Combat Acne Pimple Easily In Rainy Season

Combat Acne Pimple Easily In Rainy Season

The monsoon season can take a toll on your skin. Then constant exposure to the humid atmosphere renders it susceptible to imbalance and damage. So, if you neglect it, it tends to show up in the form of acne, allergies, and rashes. 

Reason For Acne Monsoon

Humidity increases during the rainy season, combined with the heat of the summer, and increases the sebum production in the skin leading to a greasy appearance, which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. The sticky face invites dust, dirt, and sweat, which clogs the skin pores leading to acne breakouts. In addition to that, the skin becomes uneven and lifeless. There may be instances, where the person does not have a problem of acne in any other season but it only flares up in the monsoon. Acne in the rainy season can affect the skin badly.

What Are The Causes Of Acne In Monsoon?

The monsoon influences and affects our skin’s health in various different ways. Here are the most common reason for skin issues in monsoon:

  • Rainwater:- The acidity of rainwater might irritate the skin upon contact. This rainwater may even cause redness, irritation, and inflammation of pre-existing skin issues.
  • Humidity:- Humidity can cause your skin’s pores to open up. This makes your pores vulnerable to all dirt and germs. This in turn makes your skin more prone to catching acne and acne-causing factors.
  • Active Pathogens:- Monsoon is a season ideal for various pathogens to breed in various bacteria, viruses, etc. as this is a conducive environment for their growth. This makes your skin more prone to these pathogens as well which also cause acne. 
  • Unhealthy food:- Monsoon weather often means unhealthy and fried street foods becoming part of your diet. Unlike summer, one might not want to indulge in refreshing and healthy foods. Avoid these foods as they increase sebum production in the skin. Sebum is the natural oil produced by the skin which might cause acne if produced in excess.

How can we prevent and treat monsoon acne?

Monsoon acne may not be completely avoidable but you may be able to reduce monsoon acne through these simple steps. Here are the things to keep in mind this monsoon to avoid monsoon acne:

Wash your face twice a day

Cleansing is an important part of the skin care routine be it winter, summer, or monsoon. Hence it's time to choose preferably real soap bars made for oily or liquid oily skin face wash.

Wash your face twice daily to clean the dirt from your skin and make your pores less prone to acne. 

Checkout: PureWins Detoxifying Real Soap with Goat Milk Charcoal for Oily acne-prone skin. 

Use a face wash suitable for your skin

A face wash with turmeric is great for individuals with oily or combination skin to keep the skin clean and clear. 

Checkout: PureWins Super Herb Face Wash/Cleanser.

Use a face toner

After washing your face with a face wash, choose a toner, preferably to remove all the extra oil from your face. 

Checkout: PureWins Clarifying & Hydrating Face Toner

Apply acne treatment face serum

If your face breakout, use an acne treatment face serum twice a day to eliminate the acne.

Checkout: PureWins Clarifying Brightening Face Serum with tea tree oil for acne treatment. 

In conclusion, keeping a proper skincare routine can help you avoid and treat monsoon acne. Besides, this, what you eat and your lifestyle also influence your skin’s health. You are encouraged to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. Smoking and drinking may also cause a negative impact on your skin and must be avoided. 


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