The Most Affordable Skin Whitening Serum in India

A whitening & Brightening serum is one product that should be included in everyone’s daily skincare routine, regardless of their skin type or concerns. Serums with whitening properties are well, serums that enhance radiance. But, depending on the ingredients used in the formula, they can do a lot more, like reduce the appearance of dark spots and protect against environmental aggressors that can speed up the ageing process if left uncovered.

What is a Whitening & Brightening Serum?

Lightning serums are also known as brightening serums, give your skin a pearl-like glow and help improve its quality. A brightening serum is a kind of serum that brightens the skin by reducing the appearance of dullness or reducing dark spots. A skin whitening serum works in multifarious ways as its core. It has nutrients like vitamin E, retinol, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide etc., that seep into your skin and works at a cellular level to reduce melanin (the pigment in your skin).

What Ingredients To Look For in a Whitening Face Serum?

Vitamin C is probably one of the most potent ingredients for reducing dullness and hyperpigmentation. With decades of research, it is one of the most well-studied and evidence-based antioxidants. Vitamin C and its derivatives can be used to lighten hyperpigmentation, encourage collagen production, and brighten the complexion overall as a potent antioxidant.”

Niacinamide, alpha hydroxy acids, and retinol are additional components that can assist in promoting radiant skin. Retinols, or retinoids, have been shown to help get rid of pigmentation, increase collagen production, reduce melanin synthesis, and repair sun damage, making them the ultimate anti-aging treatment.

How To Use a Brightening Serum?

In addition to its radiance-boosting effects, most of the whitening & brightening serums can help protect against environmental aggressors, which recommends applying it every morning. Brightening serums with antioxidants like vitamin C provide better protection from UV radiation and other causes of hyperpigmentation, like visible light and the environment, in the morning, after cleansing and before moisturising. You can use it at night for even better results. Your body can repair itself while you sleep by applying a brightening serum at night.

Best Skincare Brands that Sell Skin Whitening Serums Online

Whitening & Brightening serums are effective when used accurately and if you opt for science backed, natural-based products, you are sure to benefit. A skin whitening serum effectively reduces the appearance of dark spots and blemishes and helps improve the skin’s health. There are several brands which are selling skin-brightening serums to boost exfoliation and reveal radiant results. PureWins is the best brand that offers skin-lightening serums at great prices that you can avail of on our platform.


Buy Best Selling Skin Whitening Serums at PureWins

PureWins skin whitening serums are made with love, without compromising on ingredients and safety. Our face serum for skin brightening & Whitening are dermatologically tested, natural and toxin-free and of course honestly priced. Our face serums help to tighten pore, even out skin tone, reduce dark spots and overall give you a great soft & smooth feel.

 PureWins’ Skin Brightening Serum Price (Rs.)
Clarifying & Brightening Face Serum (AM) 30ml 375/-
Firm-Illuminating Face Serum (PM) 30ml 390/-

Shop for the best skin whitening & brightening serums online at PureWins’. Our products are organic certified paraben & sulphate free, non-comedogenic, and help in making your skin look healthier.


Q. After using Best Face Whitening serum, what happens?

Apply moisturizer to your face and neck after giving the best whitening serum five minutes to absorb. The moisturizer is the last step and the finishing touch that helps lock in your serum and nutrients. You get an additional layer of moisture as well, which hydrates and protects your skin and gives it a soft, dewy sheen.

Q. How long does the best Whitening serum take to lighten skin?

Best skin brightening & whitening serums need time to permeate into the skin and brighten it from the inside. This takes about 2 to 8 weeks of usage to show benefits.

Q. Is it safe to use Skin whitening Serum?

A whitening serum without exfoliants should work for the majority if not all skin types. You should first confirm that any chemical exfoliants in whitening serums are suitable for your skin type and thereafter proceed accordingly.

Q. What is the difference between brightening and whitening serum?

Skin brightening offers your skin a natural glow and revitalizes it. Natural skin lightening removes dark patches and hyperpigmentation, resulting in an equal skin tone. Artificial whitening your skin involves chemically bleaching it beyond its natural skin tone.

Q. Is whitening serum really effective?

Face whitening serum can make skin seem better overall by removing dark patches and uneven skin tone. Pick a healthy serum from Purewins and it will work in lightening and brightening the face. Face whitening serums not only make the skin lighter and brighter, but they also give your face a uniform, radiant appearance.

Q. Is skin whitening therapy effective?

We overall are against using unhealthy ingredients that lead to skin whitening however we believe the discoloration caused due to hormonal concerns or sun exposure, or medication reaction and age related pigmentation, scars, blemishes etc. need attention and healthy products with actives like hyaluronic, retinol, vitamin C can deliver satisfactory results.

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