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Super Herbs Body Cleanser (Body Wash)

Super Herbs Body Cleanser (Body Wash)

pH balanced, oil based natural cleanser for a soothing, nourishing & healthy bath

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What it is:- Non-drying, skin clarifying sustainable formula that leaves your skin calm, fresh, hydrated & balanced


  1. Provide effective cleansing without disturbing the skin pH
  2. Help maintain skin’s moisture barrier while cleansing
  3. Experience soft and smooth feel after the bath
  4. 100% plant based formula

Suitable for:- All age & skin types regular use

Tonic for:- Body skin prone to dryness, itch and other sensitivities



Dermatologically Tested

Hypoallergenic, Product is recommended by dermatologist

No Colour

No added colour. Colour is derived from ingredients used.

Natural, Certified Organic

Cruelty Free

Tested on human only, Not tested on animals.


No hidden ingredients. Full disclosure of ingredients used


Each product is a fusion of time tested & science backed ingredients

No Harsh Chemicals

Free from Sulfates, Petrolatum, Hydroquinone, Alcohol, Diethanolamine, Formaldehyde, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), Lead, Talc, Toluene, Triclosan, Phthalates, Parabens, Synthetic colors & other harsh chemicals

Honestly Priced

Best Quality Products

Cost Control Formula

We spend on quality ingredients & superior formula rather than expensive packaging


U.S.P in ml Rs.1.75

Manufactured By

Aadhunik Ayurveda Vitals
Khasra No.-79, Gali No.1, Titan Road,
Mohabewala, Industrial Aria, Dehradun
248001 Uttarakhand

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DM Water infused with kumkumadi herbs, rose water, sodium cocoyl isothionate, coco glucoside, sensicare (eco certified preservative), lactic acid, organic aloe vera gel, glycerin, guar gum, coco betain & rose oil.

Kumkumadi Herbs- Blend of healing and nourishing herbs to deliver magical radiance & flawlessness

How to use

AM. or PM. use everyday


Rose is powerhouse of antioxidants that work in combating premature ageing and age spots. Its a healing hydrator that calms, plumps and softens the skin with reduced acne, dryness and associated inflammation.

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Q. Is Body Wash Safe to Use as Shampoo?

Ans. Unless the product is expressly designed to accomplish both, it is recommended to use body wash and shampoo separately because they are both made with different ingredients and pH levels.

Q. What factors contribute to the healthfulness of a body wash?

Ans. Body washes without artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or other potentially dangerous components. The majority of these body washes contain vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly natural and organic ingredients.

Q. What is the purpose of body wash?

Ans. The body wash has the same cleansing mechanism as soap to remove debris from your skin, but it often contains a blend of substances designed to treat common skin diseases. A body wash can help with dry skin, congested pores, and flaky skin.

Q. Does Body wash have a good shelf life?

Ans. According to the ingredients and storage methods, body wash products typically have an effective shelf-life of one to two years. Numerous manufacturers list the suggested usage times for each product on the labels of their products to make this process simpler for consumers.

Q. How often should I use body wash?

Ans. Body wash is a cleansing product and its important to use it in regular and as and when you feel the need.

Q. How much time should I use the cleanser?

Ans. The ideal washing time ranges from 30 seconds to about two minutes. Furthermore, if you do have dry skin, be sure to use a gentle cleanser to prevent depleting your skin's oils. Prolonged exposure to any cleanser is not good.